Please see below for the various templates available:

If you have any trouble opening the attachment, or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

For CD and DVD Templates, please follow these instructions:

  1. PDF and Word documents are not accepted.
  2. The template is a low-resolution guide line only. If you are using it as a layer in photoshop, please start your art work in the highest possible resolution, and then stretch the template proportionally to fit on the image.
    Please format image to a minimum of 300 DPI in RGB (not in CMYK).
  3. Please bleed the image off of the sides to allow proper positioning of the image (if applicable).
  4. Please do not leave a white or blank circle in the middle (if applicable).
  5. Before converting your image to a JPEG, please remove the template layer.
  6. If an important element lands within the inner circle of the template, ei: graphics, logos, faces, products, text, etc., it will not appear on the final printed DVD (if applicable).
  7. The JPEG provided by you is the final image. No text or images will be added to the final image before printing.
  8. The final image must be in JPEG, or Photoshop, without the template layer, in RGB, 300 DPI minimum.