Old 8 mm, 16mm or 9.5 mm films can be transfered to video for ease of viewing. Transfering your old film reels to DVD preserves your memories without loss of quality or the fear of the film being damaged. DVD’s take up less space and last much longer than old film reels.

No more need for projectors and deteriorating film.

We use a Telecine system which prevents the image from flickering, which is a common problem when transferring with the wrong equipment. Since film and video have a different number of frames per second, it is very important to adjust to this. It is also important not to project the image onto a screen and pick up the image with a camera because this decreases the quality drastically.

Film transfer pricing is calculated by the foot. Discount available for large quantities.

Background music may be added to silent films.

reel size metre feet approximate recording time
7cm(3inch) 23m 50ft

13cm(5inch) 90m 200ft 20min
16cm(6inch) 120m 300ft 30min
18cm(7inch) 180m 400ft 40min

Super8, Single8 = these both have smaller spool holes than Regular8, with the hole being in the middle of the frame

Regular8 = Large spool holes, with the hole being in between each frame

Video Express Montreal offers 9.5 mm film transfers

9.5mm= 9.5mm film is a very rare film format, yet we have the equipment to transfer it.