Important Questions To Ask When Shopping Around for Transfer Services

1) Is the work done in house or is it sent somewhere else ?
Many companies send your originals to a subcontractor often in another province and
your precious masters could get lost or damaged in transit.

We do the work right in our stores with our own experienced staff.

2) Do they guarantee that the work will be compatible with your machine ?
We guarantee that if your transfer is not compatible with your machine we will make you a version that is fully compatible.
3) Do they keep your masters in a FIREPROOF and WATERPROOF cabinet In case of a fire or flood?
Most companies risk losing your irreplaceable originals by storing them in a flimsy cabinet or shelf.

We don’t take chances with your precious memories..

4) Do they use specialized equipment when doing film transfers or just project against a wall ?
Our telecine equipment is specially made to get the best quality results.
5) Do they use the best quality media (blanks) or do they skimp and buy cheap discs that will damage easily and will not last ?
We only use the highest quality professional media which costs a little more but will give the best results and last much longer.
6) How long have they been in this business ?
We have been around since 1981.
7) Do they charge a flat rate even if a big part of your masters are only partly recorded?
We charge a minimum of one hour for the first master and then only by the half hour of only what is recorded. In most cases this comes out cheaper than the flat rate.